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Principal's Welcome

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It is with pleasure that the faculty members and the non-teaching staff of the Salt Brook B. Com Programme welcome you to this institution which came into being almost seven years ago. The Salt Brook School established in 1985 has already made a mark amongst the top schools in the state with excellent results and encouraged by its success, the Society of Salt Brook Academy, decided to forge ahead in the field of education and established the Salt Brook Academy a decade later for imparting education in Science in 1995 and Humanities and Commerce in 2005. There is a growing demand for quality education in Commerce at the undergraduate level. In order to meet this need, the Salt Brook Educational Society started the B.Com Programme in conformity with the requirements of the Dibrugarh University in 2013 using the infrastructure of the school at Amolapatty, Dibrugarh. A very positive trait of the institution is to lay emphasis on quality teaching and personalised care. The intake capacity of students is kept limited so that teaching is made more effective, exciting and interesting. The smaller number of students also has helped us to maintain a better student teacher ratio.

It is hoped that the students who enter into this temple of learning are infused with a desire for knowledge and are successful in acquiring skills required to face the challenges of life and their career. Dibrugarh University has also realised the importance of this important aspect of learning and accordingly introduced in their new syllabus under CBCS mode some skilled development and ability enhancement courses besides some generic and discipline specific subjects setting aside the existing Specialty and Non Specialty Programmes but implementation of this new CBCS programme has been made functional with effect from 2019-20 academic session.

Parents /guardians too also have a responsibility towards their children/wards and we hope that they would extend their cooperation in our efforts to educate and train the students who enroll in this institution.

We look forward to working together in our mission to ensure that our students excel in academics and on completion of their course move out to enter the challenges of the world ahead as competent and complete individuals.

With best wishes.

Kalpana Khound, Principal

Profile of Our Faculty Members

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Kalpana Khound

Principal & Faculty, Department of English

Sayantan Guha Mazumder

Faculty, Department of Accounting & Finance and Management

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Nasim Wazid Ali

Head of the Department, Accounting & Finance

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Parswa Jyoti Neog

Faculty, Department of Economics

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Reetom Raj Sarmah

Faculty, Department of Accounting & Finance

Mayuri Bhattacharjee

Faculty, Department of Marketing & Management


Message from the Director

I have the pleasure to let you know that the Salt Brook Academy Bachelor of Commerce Programme (B. Com) started in 2013 in its Salt Brook School building situated at Amolapatty, Dibrugarhunder the ‘Society of Salt Brook Academy’ has so far completed six years of its glorious existence. The first, second, third and the fourth batch of students admitted in 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic session have successfully passed the B. Com 6th Semester final examination under the Dibrugarh University showing a good academic achievement.

Imparting quality education in Commerce has always been our mission and vision. We have a competent team of dedicated faculty members for imparting quality education that our young students need today in order to equip themselves for meeting the ever growing demands of trade, industry and commerce in the fast changing globalised business environment. Two highly experienced distinguished professors are also working in our institution to lead and guide the team of our teachers in various academic and extracurricular programmes.

I assure you that our faculty members are fully committed to take personalised care of all our students in order to help them achieve their goals and ambitions in life.

I wish you all my good luck for a very successful career in Commerce and extend my whole hearted thanks to all our well-wishers for your moral support for turning our dream into a reality.

Aswini Dowerah


Salt Brook Academy

B. Com Programme

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